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Thread: Maryland cop pulls gun on biker for motoring violation.

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    Maryland cop pulls gun on biker for motoring violation.

    Out for a bit of fun on his motorbike, Anthony Graber quickly found himself on the wrong end of a gun and then raided at his home by the police - and all for a bit of showboating and filming with a helmet-cam.

    Graber admits he was speeding but what happened next when he stopped at a red light wasn't the usual police procedure. A car pulled in front of him and out jumped an off-duty US trooper brandishing a gun and ordering him off his bike. To Graber's credit, he didn't panic - after all, the gunman had yet to reveal himself as a cop - and did as he was told.

    According to, the cop gave Graber a ticket but that wasn't the end of it. A few days later, more of Maryland's finest turned up at his home and walked off with computers, laptops and a camera. Why? Well, it seems that audibly recording someone without their consent is a felony.

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    The US is basically a polize state. Somewhere after 1985 they converted the police to a pseudo military force that will stop at nothing to arrest jay walkers, gum chewers, etc. "The gov'ment" added a ton of laws that made everything illegal.

    Quite regularlly citizens sue these pigs - and receive 6 or 7 figure settlements - which us taxpayers ultimately have to pay!

    What started as a dinner out with her husband and friends in downtown Minneapolis ended with a Plymouth woman handcuffed, on the receiving end of a Taser shot and barefoot in a jail cell for at least three hours.

    On Monday, Sandra Brown's lawsuit from the Oct. 8, 2005, incident was settled with an agreement from Golden Valley to pay her $200,000 for her federal civil rights and excessive-force claims. Brown, 57, said she suffered bruises on her wrists and arm and went on anti-anxiety medicine for the first time in her life after the incident. She said she remains wary of police.

    This one is even better:

    Golden Valley has agreed to pay nearly $1.15 million to a black man who police officers threw to the ground and pepper-sprayed after mistaking him for a bank robber nearly three years ago.

    "This is nothing to celebrate," Al Hixon, 47, said Wednesday. "They violated my civil rights and I still have mental health issues. I think about what happened every day.

    "I don't understand all the fancy lawyering, I just know a white kid robbed the bank and they beat me up."
    Here's the bullsh1t talk from the cops:

    "The evidence from our perspective was the police officer did everything he was supposed to," he said. "This was an isolated incident and a tragedy for all around, not just Hixon and his family, but the police officer and his family, as well.
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    The cop looks like a little prick - the type who gets off on being able to bully people (with a gun and a badge).

    Doug's right - the country's become a polize state.

    I can remember a non-fucked America when it was inconceivable that a cop would draw a weapon on a motorist over a speeding ticket.

    It was all of about 20 years ago.

    I remember, in the '80s, you could get out of your car and walk over to the cop after he pilled you over to discuss the deal - without worrying about getting shot or Tazered.

    Ah, but I must remember: They hate us 'cause of our freedoms.

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