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Thread: Engine swap

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    Engine swap

    This guy probably has you all beat.
    Chip H.

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    Quote Originally Posted by chiph View Post
    This guy probably has you all beat.
    Chip H.

    You know, I can't be certain Chip, but I think that was one of the two engines I had in my twin-engined Mini Cooper Special. Wasn't much use though, kept twisting the driveshafts into corkscrews.

    Die dulci fruimini!
    Wolds Bikers, Lincolnshire, England.

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    I don't know about that. Back in 1969, I had a 1937 Lincoln Zypher that a guy had given me. Of course it didn't have an engine, or a transmission in it. So I went looking for an Engine. A Twelve Cylinder "V" Twelve. A Friend of mine told me of one out toward Gresham, Oregon. So my Bride and I took the drive to check it out. After wandering around the place for about a half an hour, the owner came up to us. I told him that I heard that he had a "V" Twelve Engine. He said he did, and I had just walked by it. Where, I didn't see it. Hell no, I wasn't looking for an ALLISON AIRCRAFT ENGINE! That darn thing was as big as the whole car. Ain't no way that was going under the hood. Maybe under the roof of the car, but not under the hood. The tranny would have been out beyond the rear bumper, which would have given a new definition to the term, Trans Axel. I supposed it could have been a direct drive via drive belts... I ended up selling the car to some kids down the street, who wanted to put a big engine it . I told them where there is a big engine out in Gresham.....

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