I'd put the original Beetle (and other air-cooled/rear-engineed Veedubs) at the top of the list.

Paralyzingly slow (0-60 in 30 seconds; top speed not much more than that) with carbon monoxide "climate control" and bodies that rusted out almost as soon as they left the dealer's lot.

Still, they had personality and were fun to own. Sort of like a mechanical Chihuahua. Plenty of attitude, even if next to useless!

Another fave of mine is the old Datsun B210. It was ugly as hell and born to rust, but it was rear-drive and it came with a full array of gauges (including a tach, rare in the mid-late '70s) as well as five-speed stick on later models.

I also like the Pinto wagon. Especially if the back area was customized with shag carpet and smoked porthole windows. A Love Machine, baby!

An oddball entrant: 1980-'81 Pontiac Turbo Trans-Am. A toothless sore-gummed stripe and decal gas hog that was slower than a current Prius - but damn, it looked cool. I just loved that turbo bulge scoop, with three lights telling you whether the boost was "normal" "medium" or "high." Either way, you still got nowhere fast!

Any other contenders?