Yesterday, the Census Frau appeared at our place. (I had declined to fill out the Census form mailed to us a few weeks previously.)

As those of you who've read my rants know, I was prepared to "go to the mattresses" on this business. I had decided, no way was I going to tell the government one thing more than "two adults live here' - the only legitimate information a Census is supposed to be concerned with.

I had a speech prepared about the Constitution, what an "enumeration" is - and that I would not provide information that might possibly be used against me, as per the Fifth Amendment.

So, the car pulls up to our place. Out waddles a frumpy looking older lady with her clipboard and papers.

I meet her outside and give her a polite hello, what can I do for you?

She says she's with the Census and wants to ask me some questions. I respond - not obnoxiously - that I have just one answer for her; that two adults live here. I was ready for the escalation. But it did not come. She took down my answer, thanked me - and left. She did not pursue it any further. No follow-up questions; didn't even ask my name.

I wonder whether that's it. Could it be? Or will they now send in the first-stringers?

I will keep you posted....