I've been to a rally, I've read the literature - but there's not much in the way of specifics beyond a general call for less government and lower taxes.

That's ok, I guess, but it doesn't give people a real principle to rally around.

How much government is "too big" - and on what basis do you make the determination?

How much is "too much" taxation? And how do you draw the line?

Another thing about the Tea Party that strikes me as a potentially fatal flaw is its fearful reluctance to directly challenge PC orthodoxies about "diversity" and "multiculturalism." Arguably, many of the daunting problems we now face have their root causes in the balkanization of the country along racial/ethnic lines - inevitable in any heterogenous country - and the equally inevitable racial spoils system and antagonisms that come with it.

If anything, based on what I have seen, the Tea Party people bend over backwards to show how deeply they "embrace diversity." They seem absolutely terrified of anything that smacks of defending/trying to preserve the old (that is, white/European-based) America, its culture and traditions - even though the Tea Party is itself overwhelmingly (and quite naturally) a movement of white middle and working class America.

As a purely practical political matter, the facts is non-whites are massively in favor of entitlements, race-based preferential treatment in hiring, etc. - and to a very great extent owe the existence of their "middle class" to the existence of government jobs.

Thus, it serves no good purpose - and arguably, does the opposite - to soft-peddle the diversity racket, not speak openly about the need to restrict and control illegal immigration and at least discuss the question of whether it is sane to believe that America can be the one exception in history of a non-homogenous "free" society of limited government that won't tear itself apart along racial/ethnic lines.