L. Neil Smith is an author I've been reading since the late 80's. Most of his writing is classified as Science-Fiction, but if you look deeper, it's actually Libertarian Science Fiction. If you can find some of his books in print, I highly recommend you start off with "The Probability Broach". He's won four Prometheus Awards over the years.

Anyway, he's still writing today, only it's usually essays on politics. His most recent one points out that Conservatives (Republicans, mostly) are socialists, too.

Conservatives—Republicans—are socialists.

True, they may desire to hold you down atop the stone altar and cut your still-beating heart out with an obsidian knife for a set of entirely different reasons—national security, Judaeo-Christian traditions, "common" decency—than the liberals or "progressives" or Democrats do, but to you, the important part is cutting your heart out with an obsidian knife, not whatever excuse they may offer for doing it.

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