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Thread: Our own government is screwing us

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    Our own government is screwing us

    These are excerpts from the Mpls Red Star newspaper - the only one in town.

    What I don't get is why the federal government is hell bent on destroying american culture, or making us citizens pay for these turd worlders.

    More than 70,000 Somali immigrants live in the Twin Cities

    That's more than several small towns!

    On average, these mothers have five children. Some have eight. In America, parenting rules and roles are no longer as clear as they were in Africa. Relatives and neighbors are no longer available to help raise children. A day in the lives of these women, churned with their war trauma histories and refugee camp experiences, is often filled with fear, frustration and shouting. Many know in their gut that this is not good parenting, but they feel burned out, powerless and alienated.

    Do the math - how long is gonna be before they out populate us US citizens? I guess we're also paying for the counseling. What about me, the person who pays high taxes for nothing - how powerless and alienated do you think I feel?

    Another mother learned that some high school swimming pools allow people to block out swim times. She is planning to follow up and create a separate swimming activity for Muslim girls without the presence of men, in accordance with their religious practice.

    I wanna throw up!!!!!!!!

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    That is insane.

    Unless, of course, there's method to the madness - which I suspect there is.

    The last 40 years can't be accidental/coincidental. There's a definite pattern whose object appears to be the demoralization (followed by the political/social/economic disenfranchisement) of the white/European majority that once defined what an "American" (and "America") was.


    Because it represented a threat to the power/wealth of the elites that rule the country (and the world).

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