If, like me, you're as opposed to Republican statism (the security state, corporatism) as you are to Democratic statism (welfare and race politics, suffocating government based on the least common denominator) and are annoyed by the Tea Party's apparently becoming a shill for neo-con Republicans - then we need to find an alternative to Tea Partyism.

Or start our own movement.

I'm in SW Va (near Roanoke) and would love to find other like-minded people. People who want freedom from all forms of unjust/excessive government - the warfare state as well as the welfare state. No taxation other than to fund legitimate national defense (not a global empire) and a system of law courts to deal with criminal and civil issues. No "war on drugs," no "war on terror." No transfer payments/entitlements of any kind. No taking of money or property from any peaceable person against his will to provide a benefit to some other person. No laws forbidding or prescribing who may one associate with or do business with. No special privileges of any kind imposed by government on the basis of race or ethnicity. No laws forbidding anything except the use of force or coercion against others - the latter punished severely.

That's what I call freedom!

Drop me a line - and let's get going!