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    Great car commercials

    If you can't get the tune out of your head, does that mean you'll end up buying the car? Rich, corinthian leather will only take you so far. It usually comes down to whether the car or truck in question lives up to the background music and images. Otherwise, it's just a cool (or not) video/song.

    Here's a list of some car-tunes that worked - and some that didn't:

    * Volkswagen "Little GTI" -

    *If you were around in the mid-1980s, you probably know the song, even if you don't know any German. Some exceptionally clever adman took the 1960s hit single, "Little GTO" by Ronnie and the Daytonas - "Little GTO, you're really looking fine; three deuces and a four-speed, and a 389 ... listen to her taching up now, listen to her whine, yeah, yeah. C'mon on and wind it up, blow it out, GTO!" - converted it to "Kleinem GTI . . ." -- and ran with it all the way to the bank.

    Maybe the GTI couldn't tear up a quarter mile like a tri-power, high-compression V-8 GTO, but the pugnacious little VW was agile, light and quick enough to be entertaining. VW did not make the mistake of suggesting the GTI was equivalent to the classic '60s Pontiac muscle car* - and thereby over-reaching and embarrassing itself. The ads simply let people know the GTI was a fun car, like the GTO was.

    And that's why the commercial worked so well.

    * Ford Mustang and "Mustang Sally" -

    Wilson Pickett's classic R&B hit, "Mustang Sally" was the no-brainer choice to serve as the theme song for Ford's pony car.

    If you read the lyrics - "I bought you a brand new Mustang, 'bout nineteen sixty-five" -* you might think that the song was written specifically for the car by a Ford advertising and marketing firm - but it wasn't. Like Ronnie and the Daytonas' "Little GTO," the song arose spontaneously, in appreciation of the car. Ford just got lucky; the Mustang sold itself - and "Mustang Sally" simply fit the groove.

    In 1983, when the Mustang was enjoying a new surge of popularity, the theme returned once more:

    Ride, Sally, ride!

    * Chevy trucks and Bob Seger's "Like a Rock" -

    Bob Seger's anthem-singing ad campaign for '90s-era Chevy trucks worked really well. Handsome half-ton trucks armed with manly V-8 engines and capable of doing almost anything. Seger's backtrack complements the specifications sheet - as well as the promise of the bow-tie badge. If good taste can be defined as "that which is appropriate," these ads are in good taste. Chevy got the message across in a no-nonsense, straightforward way that fits the image of Chevy's trucks perfectly.


    *Cadillac CTS (Led Zeppelin) "Rock n' Roll" -

    It's been a long time since Caddy has rocked n' rolled - and the attempt to associate the CTS sport sedan with both hard-edged metal music and the ballsy Cadillacs of old (like the finned and chromed '59 model featured in the commercial) has worked miracles.

    The classic Zep song song is great - and so is the '59. As for the CTS? Easily the most interesting car that Caddy has built in years - especially if you're not a subscriber to Modern Maturity.* *


    * Mercury Grand Marquis -

    This one may not have helped sell the car much but it was creative. "She was out all night with the Grand Marquis!" - camera pans to the guy in the wig and sequined outfit sitting in the witness box. "No, the Mercury Grand Marquis!," the testifying witness exclaims.

    The ad was part of Mercury's Imagine TV campaign. It got people's attention; it just didn't do much to get them into Mercury showrooms.


    * Nissan Z-car/GI Joe and Barbie -

    Scene: a kid's room, strewn with toys. A GI Joe figure comes alive - and jumps behind the wheel of a miniature 300ZX, adjusts his look in the rearview mirror, pops the clutch and fishtails across the floor to the girl's room, where Barbie awaits. Ken gets left on the balcony as the 300ZX peels out, blasting past a smiling "Mr. Z" - father of the original 1969 240Z.

    This is what it's all about!


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    Not a TV ad, but a radio ad. For the Plymouth Barracuda.


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    These are cars that sold well because of great advertising -

    The 1978 Mercury Cougar - Are you ready to join the cat set? Hell yeah.

    The 1978 Ford Futura
    Got to love the 2001 A Space Odessy theme.

    The 1977-79 Thunderbird was the best selling T-bird in history in part because of their advertising campaigns.

    These were the days when automakers created a desire for their cars.

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