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Thread: California candidate for governor

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    California candidate for governor

    proposes pedophiles be exiled to Santa Rosa Island.
    Or kept in prison for life
    Or deported from the state (gosh, Nevada is really going to love that)

    The first order of business will be to establish temporary housing, the farm, and the ranch. The “Island” pedophiles will write their own “Island” constitution. The constitution will be reviewed for any improvements by a State of California department to be formed to oversee the “Island”.
    This guy certainly means well, but is also bat-shit insane.

    And the reason I say that is not everyone in jail on a sex-offender charge is actually guilty. It's become the popular criminal charge to lock people up whom you don't like very much.

    Chip H.

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    As he says:

    I will introduce legislation prohibiting registered or unregistered pedophiles from entering California.

    Does this pertain to illegal aliens also? What's the difference?

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