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Very nice Mercedes! What year and model is it?(looks to be post-'80)...

Sure beats the piss outta any new Mercedes....with all that chrome, steel, and class.

It's a 1982 380SL. Mostly original too. No rust, mirror smooth panels, original paint and except for a vacuum leak somewhere and a worn steering coupler, not a darn thing wrong with it. I've been playing with selling it since it sits so low that I have trouble getting in and out of it. On the other hand, I'm in no hurry since I wanted one for 30 years and it took me 3 years to talk the dealer out of it that I got it from.

It's had a lot of guys saying I ought to repaint it. Except for some nicks and pings from the years, it's original and looks decent. They are only original once. I don't even consider myself the owner of the car. I'm the current custodian of it. Maybe it's not as slick looking as a restored one, but it has all the little details the M-B put into it that the fresh paint jobs lack. Plus, I really get the girls with it.