The two seem inseparable.

The same type that aggressively follows "his" team" is quite often also an evangelical Christian.

Is it the mindless group-think and authoritarianism that draws them in? The desire to be somehow a part of something greater than themselves, even though they play an entirely passive role?

Is it the urge to conform? Fuhhhhhtball worship is strong in the rural South, as is fundie Christianity. It is probably very hard, if not impossible, for a kid growing up in a religious, football-worshipping family (and community) to even hint that he might not be especially interested in either.

Hell, that's a sure sign of being a fag!

So, wrap yourself in the flag and part the ass cheeks of the nearest fuuuhhhhhhtball star you can find; work your tongue in real deep, while clutching your Bible and thinking about Jesus as you listen to the strains of "And I'm proud to be an American! Where at least I know I'm freeeeeeee!"