I hate DRLs, period - but GM's DRLs are especially annoying.

Yes, you can turn them off (on new/recent GM cars, anyhow). But you have to do it every time you start the car - and when the DRLs are off, the info screen that normally displays, say, the outside temperature or the odometer reading refuses to show anything except "Auto Headlights Off."

To me, this is a super passive-aggressive way of trying to force you into leaving the DRLs on, even when you'd rather have them off. Because if you turn them off, GM helpfully cancels out other info on the display until you give up and turn the DRLs back on.

I'd like to have a big Blow Away DRLs Party - where we could blast away at DRLs with shotguns and such.

I think it'd feel really good...