...because he can "throw a pass."

Think about it:

If you found out your next door neighbor tortured dogs, would you have anything to do with him? Of course not. You'd shun and revile him - rightly so.

But Michael Vick? He's bee playing fuhhhhtball and "turned his life around" - so gibs me a million dollahs and watch me playin de game, mang.

I be's a role model an shit.


In no other profession do you see this: Rape, assault, theft, threatening others with weapons, brutality toward animals, etc. - and the individual's career in that profession isn't immediately over, forever.

Burt we give a pass to atha-letes because we worship their animalistic ability to run fast or throw a ball (and make us feel the thrill of ersatz victory, through them) more than we value anything else - including our own self-respect.