I recently got through test-driving a new Toyota Corolla. Like all current Toyota vehicles, the Corolla has a very aggressive traction control system that cuts in the moment the vehicle is driven at all aggressively.

If you know what you are doing as a driver, this is super annoying nannyism.

What's worse, though, is that Toyota doesn't allow you - the owner of the fucking car! - to turn off the traction control at will.

The vehicle must be completely stopped before the "TCS" button will respond; it will not shut off the traction control if you attempt to shut it off while the car is moving.

So (just like GM's DRLs) you have to go through a shut-down process every single time you start the car.

I would personally make it a condition of sale that the system be altered so that when I push the "off" button _ under any conditions, anytime - the god-damned thing stays off!