On many new/late-model vehicles, it can be difficult - even seemingly impossible - to get enough access to the oil filter to get a wrench on it, in order to remove it.

One trick that may help is to use a floor jack to raise the body of the vehicle up enough so that you can get at the filter through the fender wells.

Don't put the jack under the front suspension (such as a lower control arm). What you want is for the body to raise while the wheel/tire on the side of the vehicle you're working on drops down. This will give you a "line of sight" through the opening in the fenderwell and (hopefully) access to that hard-to-reach oil filter.

Be sure to use a jackstand in addition to the floor jack to support the weight of the car as you work. Hydraulic jacks can have leaks or fail suddenly - which could be catastrophic if you happen to have your hand/arm in the fenderwell when that happens!