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Thread: Cross-Dressers Floor Thugs

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    Cross-Dressers Floor Thugs

    At about 1:10 into the video they drop these guys like a bad habit

    Two yobs have appeared in court after starting a fight with Spiderman and getting knocked out by two cross-dressers.

    Dean Jonathan Gardner, aged 19, and Jason Andrew Fender, aged 22, were arrested following two separate incidents in The Kingsway which took place just moments apart in the early hours of August 30.

    But they picked the wrong victims on this occasion after being floored by two cross-dressers who are believed to have been cage fighters on a night out.

    Police confronted Gardner and Fender, both of Llanerch Road, Bonymaen, nursing their injuries after identifying the unemployed pair from CCTV pictures which showed them fighting with people queuing outside the Escape club.

    UPDATE - The cage fighters dressed in women's clothing are Daniel Lerwell, and James Lilley.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dBrong View Post
    At about 1:10 into the video they drop these guys like a bad habit

    I am always happy to see thugs get dropped (or better yet, killed).

    It's a marvel to me that society tolerates violent crime at all.

    If it were up to me, any person who attacks someone else would be facing hard time; for a serious assault (rape, permanent damage, etc.) the offender would never see daylight again.

    Murder someone - and you're done.

    Keeping these scumbags around serves no good purpose and is an affront to civilization.

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