Not fuhhhhtball (or basketball or any other "sport"). It taints the whole experience; it warps the priorities - the very purpose - for which colleges (ostensibly) exist.

Going to college ought to be about acquiring an education, not throwing a ball or running fast. Or watching those who do.

I live near VA Tech - a huge fuhhhhhhhtball school. Every fall, the idiocy commences. The roads are glutted with double-chinned, obese morons in SUVs plastered with flags and stickers. Go team! Duhhhhhh!

You never hear a thing about, you know, academics. What, exactly, does VA Tech produce, fuhhhhhhtball excepted?

Is it not bizarre? Ghetto trash slimeballs such as Michael Vick (and his equally thuggish, low-IQ brother) are not only admitted when their "qualifications" would otherwise have resulted in their paperwork being thrown directly into the trash - because deys be playin' fuhhtball n ' shit, gnomesayin? - they are awarded degrees by schools such as VA Tech.

And people love it! They actually go to a school based not on its academic program, or the quality of its professors - but on the standings of "the team."


Is it any wonder America is fast becoming a second-rate power? Do you think the Chinese give a fuck about "the game"? They care about training engineers and technicians.

You know, the game that actually matters.

No one should be granted admission to a college (of any worth) on any basis other than intellectual aptitude. The current practice of allowing half-wits who would otherwise not qualify for a GED into college (often, a high-level college) because they can throw a ball or run fast is an outrage; it devalues the hard work of every legitimate student who is there.

Is there anything more disgusting than discovering that "the coach" is paid seven figures while academic programs scrape for pennies?

The system worships players and the performance of the team, not academic achievement, which becomes almost an afterthought. The students have been conditioned to venerate the gold-toofed afaletes, even if they can barely speak in complete sentences and have as much business being in college as Madonna in a monastery.

The collegiate athletics circuit is a big business - and a big fraud. It should be made official, like the National Felons League, and separated from academia. Hire and pay the players for the entertainment they provide.

Drop the pretense that it has anything to do with education.

The only "sports" in college should be pick-up games on the quad.

Any parent who sends their kid to a fuhhhhhhhhtball school deserves to have their kid still living with them at 40.