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Thread: Woman, 75, crashes car into Atlanta liquor store again

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    Woman, 75, crashes car into Atlanta liquor store again

    Authorities said a 75-year-old woman drove her car through the front of an Atlanta liquor store on Monday and it's not the first time. Constance Chapman tells police her brakes went out Monday afternoon while she was trying to park at Green's package store along Ponce de Leon Avenue, a major thoroughfare in the city's Midtown neighborhood.

    Her white Mazda Miata crashed through the front window, pinning worker Jenetha Gardiner between a broken window and a shelf. Gardiner was taken to Atlanta Medical Center to be treated for a head injury cause by a falling bottle of liquor.

    Chapman told police this is the second time she has done this at Green's.

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    Her brakes "went out."


    That happens all the time with late model cars....

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    For a minute, I thought you meant Jennifer Garner.

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