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Thread: Hahahah iPhone idjits! Ya lose!

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    Hahahah iPhone idjits! Ya lose!

    I am enjoying the iPhone debacle; just thinking about the angst of people who bought $400 phones that don't work puts a big country boy grin on my face.

    Anyone else enjoying it as much as I am?

    I feel the same way about over-leveraged greedhead grasper suburbanites holding an underwater mortgage on their 4,000 sq. foot McMansion, or who can't make the payments on their $40,000 SmooooooVeeee.

    Schadenfreude works for me!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eric View Post

    Anyone else enjoying it as much as I am?

    Schadenfreude works for me!
    Me too.

    I have nuthin against phones, but I only use mine to make calls. iPhone addicts make me laugh.

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