Here's a lesson in White Trash Economics 101:

Kid across the way isn't out of high school yet - and his parents can't afford to replace a broken window in their doublewide with glass (a piece of OSB has served for the past year-plus) but said kid is now driving around in a new/nearly new Mazda RX-8.

How the pinhead got the car is beyond me. He's maybe 17; doesn't work that I know of and even if he did work, it would be part-time or McDonalds.

I see this sort of thing fairly often, too. High school kid driving a late model $30k-ish car.... .

Maybe they're running a meth lab or pot farm....

This RX-8 has the (obligatory, for the Modern Wigger) BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM thumpin' bass stereo, through which the kid is always blasting the same cRap music as he comes and goes.

I keep hoping he'll wrap it around a tree... or maybe join the Army and trot on off to Afghanistan.