My buddy runs a repair shop and the other day I stopped by to get him to slap an inspection sticker on my truck.

He had an '82 Aries K in for some brake work. I haven't seen a roadworthy one of these things in years.

I noticed it had 14 inch steel wheels - not 16 or 17 inchers (with expensive tires) as even "economy" cars have today.

Inside, there were bench seats front and rear, not buckets. It was actually pretty comfortable and compared to a typical modern small car, the interior was roomier and more functional.

No stinkin' air bags, so the steering wheel was a simple thing and the dash wasn't a massive overstuffed presence dominating the cabin.

If you don't remember these cars, they also got 40 miles-per-gallon, too.

I found myself digging this car - and wishing they still made 'em like this.