I went into town today; had the XM on.... and once again, Beck was going on and on and on about Him and how He is the solution to all our problems.

Is there anything worse than a neo-con ex-alcoholic drunk on Jeebus?

But what's really wild about all this is that Beck's a Mormon - so he doesn't actually believe in Jeebus at all; or at least, not the Jeebus Christians believe in.

For Mormons, Jeebus is a kind of exalted superman; a member of a whole fambuhly of Gawds. Their Jeebus was assigned this planet, but other members of the Gawd fambuhly got assigned other planets. And if you are a good Mormon may-un, someday maybe you will be elevated to Gawd status yourself and given your very own planet to run and a harem of wives, too!

This is a mean-spirited way of putting it, of course, but I think the basic theology is accurate.