Palin supports Grampy McSame over his opponent, JD Hayworth, for the Senate seat McSame currently holds. Hayworth is a real small-government conservative while McSame's record is one of almost-unbroken support for Big Government at every turn.

Palin reflexively supports the Afghanistan war and the Iraq war/occupation, both of which were completely unjustified and which are bleeding the country dry.

She is a flag-humping rah-rah "patriot" who smacks her rouged-up lips at the thought of bombing other countries and killing anyone who rejects US world hegemony.

She is an ardent Chimponian and defender of virtually every thuggish, anti-freedom policy enacted or pushed for by The Chimp and his minions, most notably the Patriot Act and Homeland Security Act. She is an authoritarian and despite her flippant "freedom talk" has supported every single diminishment of civi liberties that has taken place since 9/11.

She's a grasper and grifter who used both her official authority and (lately) her celebrity to personally cash in or reward her supporters. One of the first things the Tundra Tart did after becoming mayor of Wasila was to send lobbyists to Washington to make sure they "brought home the bacon" (i.e., federal boodle). How does that comport with small government conservatism that rejects using the government as an instrument of plunder?

She's an an embarrassing ignoramus lacking even a high school-level knowledge of the Constitution and Bill of Rights.

Please refudiate!