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Thread: Islam - The Religion of Peace

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    Islam - The Religion of Peace

    Maybe it should be the "Religion of Pieces"

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    Quote Originally Posted by dBrong View Post
    Maybe it should be the "Religion of Pieces"
    I'm no defender of Islam - but let's not forget the 2,000 year legacy of brutality and oppression Christianity must also take credit for. Among other things, we have the Crusades, the pogroms against the Jews, the burning of hundreds of thousands of people for "heresy" and so on; the systematic genocide of the native peoples of the Americas; the torture, the abuse of women (until quite recently)... etc.

    All religions are fucked up. Anyone who claims his particular religion (whatever it might be) is the only right and true one - and thus, all the others are wrong (and probably evil and therefore, the adherents subject to all the stuff mentioned in the first paragraph above) is, in my opinion, demented. And mentally ill people are capable of anything.

    Remember what Voltaire said:

    He who believes absurdities is capable of committing atrocities.

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