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Thread: Crash Taxes

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    Crash Taxes

    As local governments strain against declining revenues, many have turned to a controversial -- and legally dubious -- way to raise money: They're charging accident victims for municipal services that are already covered by taxes. And the biggest proponents of these “Accident Response Fees” -- also known as "crash taxes" -- often are not good government groups and economists, but debt collection agencies looking to expand their business.

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    I wouldn't object to this if (as the article notes) people weren't already being taxed to death to pay for such "services."

    As a Libertarian, I'd support some kind of fee-for-service deal that kicks in when a person actually uses county services. For example, if you wreck and the county sends an amber-lamps, then it's ok by me to send you the bill afterward. If, that is, you no longer are hit with real estate/property taxes - and so on. (Let those with kids pay for the education of their kids, which they chose to have - and which they - not I - are morally responsible for educating.)

    Instead, of course, we'll get double-tapped.

    Here in my county, we have taxes on real estate (of course) to pay for "the children" (we don't have any) but the fire department is volunteer.

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