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Thread: William Kuntsler gets his just desserts!

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    William Kuntsler gets his just desserts!

    If we should give Abraham Lincoln credit for uniting America, then we should give Adolf Hitler credit for uniting Europe, as both men used the same methods for the same goals.

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    There's a truism that the more "liberal" a person is with regard to blacks, the less experience that person has with actual blacks.

    One of the facts of everyday life/experience that caused me to begin questioning the PC nostrums I (like everyone else) was being fed is that without exception - and everywhere - you find blacks either in the majority or in large numbers, there you also find much higher crime rates, more chaos and disorder, deteriorating schools, etc.

    The common denominator is obvious; is it "racist" to take note of it? (Or to take steps to try to avoid the consequences, such as moving away to a different neighborhood, or taking your kids out of the public schools?)

    No decent human being harasses, demeans or targets for abuse any specific individual merely on account of his race. No person of whatever race is entitled to anything less than the equal protection of the laws - and equality before the law.

    But at the same time, it is idiotic to refuse to acknowledge every individual is also a member of a group; that is, of a race - and races do have specific, predictable tendencies and characteristics, as well as race-specific interests (political, cultural and social).

    These manifest in multiple ways, from the type of political institutions a given race tends to produce (based to a great extent on the culture/history of that race) to simpler things such as a preference for certain types of food/music - to inborn physical differences, such as density of bone/morphology of the body's structures, etc.

    Human beings are neither equal nor all the same, just with different color skins.

    These two notions are both false and poisonously dangerous.

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