So you thought £599/$960 for your top of the range Arai helmet was big bucks - Think again baby, the latest Arai will require a mortgage, not a bank loan. They are going to be in very short supply, as only limited numbers will be manufactured, so you had better get your orders in quickly


Japanese helmet firm taking orders for £2k carbon helmet says the heading for Superbike's story as penned by Alan Dowds.

We've seen this full-carbon Arai helmet before, but now you can actually place an order for one. It's a luscious piece of £2,100/$3360 exotica, with a structure based on the firm's Formula One car helmets, and promises ultimate protection with minimal weight. Here's the full PR...

Demand guaranteed to outstrip supply for one of Arai's rarest helmets…
Orders are now being taken for the brand new carbon fibre Arai RX-7 RC, one of the most exclusive motorcycle helmets ever produced. A maximum of 300 per year will be manufactured for export, guaranteeing rarity and only 250 will be available in Europe. Retail price in the UK for the RX-7 RC will be £2,099.99. (US$ equivalent circa $3600. Ken.)

Expensive? Perhaps, but the Arai RX-7 RC is based on the technology used for the GP-6 RC Formula 1 specification car-racing helmet; it consists of an extremely stiff and light carbon fibre outer shell, reinforced with Arai's Peripherally Belted construction. This system uses a reinforcing belt across the helmet, just above the visor opening, giving the outer shell even more strength and stiffness.

The carbon fibre used is extremely special; for the RX-7 RC Arai development engineers searched for a superior carbon fibre quality and finally found it in the aircraft industry, where the carbon fibre material (as used by Boeing) offered the qualities and properties they were looking for. The RX-7 RC's outer shell is a mix of carbon fibre, Arai's own resin plus Zylon, a material used for its strength and thermal stability and, obviously, does not come cheap. It takes Arai's most experienced and skilled craftsmen a whole working day to produce each shell, working only by hand.

If the outer shell is a work of art, so too is the inner. The EPS liner has five different densities seamlessly combined in one inner shell and the RX-7 RC marks a completely new benchmark of manufacture in this respect. The features proven so thoroughly in the RX-7 GP are present; the wide SAI visor, improved diffuser ventilation, Air Wing adjustable spoiler and supremely comfortable Dry-Cool removable interior.

The result of all the R&D effort and new technology is a helmet substantially lighter; but also with massive inherent strength and integrity. Just like the RX-7 GP the RX-7 RC exceeds ECE 22-05 and the new Snell M2010 standard – it's also the lightest helmet approved to Snell M2010 by a large margin.

The RX-7 RC is available only in carbon with a clear coat finish, sizes XS-XXL. Each Arai 5 Star dealer will have an allocation of three only and anybody serious about owning Arai's ultimate expression of a motorcycle helmet should place their order rapidly, as demand is already high and supply so limited.