I just purchased new tires for my antique car (fronts).

The rims are lug centric.

I balanced them myself 10 years ago when I installed the old set.

Even balanced them hub centric style and was able to get them zeroed out.

Pep Boys was not able to do it, so I took them to a specialty shop with the lug centric attachments (which I didn't need when I balanced them).

Anyhow, 40 bucks and a few hours of mickey mousing around I have two supposedly balanced wheels.

Installed them on my wagon, all was good for a bit.

Then started to do the shake dance, so I got it off the ground to make sure my u-joints where okay. Hadn't looked at them in a long time and just wanted to check. Cuz I was sure my tires were balanced..

Didn't find anything loose are seeming messed up.

Decided to change my rear end fluid while I was hanging out downstairs.

Had driven the car since last week.

Drank two cups of coffee this morning then decided to mess with a metal detector I had sitting around for a bit.

Walking down the driveway detecting shit I notice a cute little slab of stick on wheel weights that I had a mental picture in my head were the ones I just had installed.


Two car shops can't balance some fucking rims?

What is the world coming to?

The most simple thing, not to mention the first thing a tech leans, they can't get right.

I called the shop and they said bring the rims back. -nope

Learned my lesson, yet again!

I'll just do the shit myself.

Curry's Auto

They say insanity is repeating/doing the same thing/s and expecting a different result.

I must be insane to think I will receive utility/quality in the products/services I pay top dollar for!

Should know better.


After I end up doing the balance myself it will have been three visits to the shop to balance two wheels!

I'm an idiot.

Gotta bite the bullet and drive to my buddy's shop and do it myself!