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Thread: Make people safer by making driving more dangerous

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    Make people safer by making driving more dangerous

    I thought this was an interesting quote:

    “When government takes over the responsibility from citizens, the citizens can’t develop their own values anymore,” he told me. “So when you want people to develop their own values in how to cope with social interactions between people, you have to give them freedom.”
    But he's not talking about political freedom, but freedom from unnecessary traffic signs & rules.

    The results were striking. Without bumps or flashing warning signs, drivers slowed, so much so that Monderman’s radar gun couldn’t even register their speeds. Rather than clarity and segregation, he had created confusion and ambiguity. Unsure of what space belonged to them, drivers became more accommodating.

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    When they repave or redo a road (here in Minneapolis) they add extra signage - a lot of extra signage. I noticed this about 15 yrs ago.

    I lived on a parkway - they improved it with: Speed Limit, No Parking (every 250' or so), crosswalks get about a zillion signs & arrows, etc. There are signs for the bike paths, signs for the walking paths, signs declaring how this is a historic road. They even have signs telling you are crossing the Mississippi.

    Lately they have erected huge blinking lights at the crosswalks. - which I hardly ever see anyone using. I can just $100,000's being thrown away.

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