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I've heard the argument that most people have a "religious gene" that predisposes them to accepting religion. I've always thought that the main reason for widespread religious belief is simply that most people are born into religious families and so are molded to think in religious terms from a very early (and impressionable) age.

In my own case (and perhaps yours?) my parents were pretty indifferent to religion, so I picked up a skeptical attitude early on. And once you begin to question religion, it's virtually impossible to continue believing in any of it!
That's not really true. I've gone through phases of doubt, and even a phase when I believed God existed and hated Him! Yet I remain convinced of my faith.

I remember we were discussing this very thing on the comments section, but it would probably be easier to do it here.

As I mentioned to you before, you don't seem like a raving anti-theist in general. You seem much more focused in general on hating the State (a hatred which I share) than religion one way or another. So why call people who believe they hear from God "Crazy" and things like that? Even if you believe its true, do you really have anything at all to gain from trying to convince people of it?

I know you aren't an "atheist" per say but I've always found it odd that atheists ever waste their time proselytizing. I get why a religion other than mine would do it, whether they be Mormons, Jehovah's Witnesses, Muslims, or whatever, but I frankly don't see why anyone who believes in nothing at all would try to convince believers that they are crazy. What do they stand to gain?

I know a lot of evangelical Christians, and I've definitely grown up in their community. America-worshipping tradition has certainly seeped into the church, to the point where it ticks me off at times, but the worst big-government drones (People, not machines, in this case) are generally people who don't give a crap about religion or God. Why do you think that is?

Frankly, they accept majority rule as near-absolute because they don't have anything else. Why would they reject it? What higher authority do they have to hold majority rule to?

Now, obviously I get that there are exceptions to all this, but the point I'm getting at is... you aren't ever going to convince Christians to be libertarians or ancaps if you make it out like the philosophy of anarchism is anti-religious. I wasn't really offended by your comments, but most people really aren't going to think very much about this philosophy. There aren't many of us, and if the first thing a Christian sees of the ancap philosophy is religion-bashing, quite frankly, they're going to reject it. Maybe that makes them "clovers", but I've been there. And frankly, in this one case, as a born-again Christian, I can't blame them.

At the very least, stick to bashing the State