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Thread: Bozoma No-Health-Care Dies of Big Mac Poisoning

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    Bozoma No-Health-Care Dies of Big Mac Poisoning

    Kowtowing to Mc'Donalds Corp and others; The Obama administration just gave waivers so thirty organizations can pretend they provide healthcare-insurance to one million effectively uninsured individuals. Selective enforcement of law can be as unjust as it is unlawful. This time the corruption resides in covering up a failed legislative initiative by inflating those who have coverage and those who effectively don't. This failure represents a further breakdown in societal cohesion and the rule of law.

    But it gets even better:

    Democrats canceled hearings after learning companies' plans would make health insurance bill look bad

    House Democrats abruptly canceled hearings into major US companies' responses to their massive health care overhaul after receiving documents revealing that companies were considering dropping all of their employees' health benefits in response to the healthcare bill

    Documents obtained by Fortune and published on CNN show that AT&T and other major companies -- including Verizon, Deere and Caterpillar -- considered eliminating their employee benefits program and simply paying a fine to the government for those they employed without insurance. The fine for AT&T would have amounted to $2,000 per employee, costing the company a grand total of $600 million a year. Maintaining benefits, meanwhile, will cost the firm some $4.6 billion.
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