It looks like the establishment is grooming Tea Party Sarah for a run. She says as much a recent Newsmax interview.

I know. Most people think she does not have a snowball’s chance in hell of making it to the Oval Office. But then who’d ever thunk George W. Bush would warm a seat there for eight long years?

Sarah Palin’s media ascent is a highly orchestrated affair. Her placement as the titular head of the hijacked Tea Party was accomplished by establishment operatives. There was nothing grassroots about it. She’s a Judas goat leading the faithful down the primrose path to world government and forever war.

It is truly amazing more folks do not see this. It reminds me of that famous quip by Wilhelm Reich who said the people can always be counted on to worship the worst sort of tyrants and dictators. They adore their Hitlers and Stalins.

Of course, not all people in the Tea Party support Palin. But come November 2012 they may vote for her anyway. The elite can always count on the lesser of two evils shell game. Palin comes off as less “socialist” than Barry Obama. Her script has all the right patriot cues. It does not matter that she is a neocon. Socialism, tax cuts, big government. Sarah was carefully trained. She knows the catch phrases and talking points.

In the Newsmax interview, Palin tells us what to look forward to in the unlikely event she is selected to pretend she speaks for the American people. The possibility of mass murder in Iran is still “on the table.” Her neocon handlers have provided Sarah with the right talking points.

One event in particular defined Sarah Palin. In 2008, she trekked to New York to kiss Henry Kissinger’s ring. “Ms. Palin also asked former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger for insights on Georgia, Russia, China and Iran, and she’ll see more leaders today on the sidelines of the U.N. General Assembly meetings,” reported the Associated Press.

She asked the Rockefeller point man for “insights”?

New World Order Sarah’s handlers will horse-wrangle her into the GOP bidding over the next two years. She may not make it as the GOP candidate for president and chief Teleprompter reader, but she may be on the ticket as vice president.

Imagine it. Say it ain’t so Joe takes a backseat and the Bilderberger doorstop Hillary Clinton becomes the VP candidate for the Dems.

I know. Sounds absurd. But it came from one of the most reliable CIA sources in the world — Bob Woodward .

Now we have two ladies, an Indonesian born in Kenya, and maybe a Mormon (Mitt Romney) running for the highest and second highest office in the land.

How very multicultural.
How dismal and predictable.