I didn't know that red-dyed "off-road" diesel is also mandated by law to be "low sulfur" diesel (15 ppm) and so didn't realize that I probably ought to buy additive (http://www.powerservice.com/dfs/5) for my tractor to prevent excess wear as well as improve cold start performance.

I got hipped to this by DieselEverything - the Moderator of this board. He says pretty much any diesel built before 1997 probably needs the additive.

Jeasy peasy!

Having to add additives is becoming a real hassle, courtesy of the government.

I already have to add ZDDP to the oil at every oil change in my old Pontiac, because flat tappet cams need the zinc and other additives that have been removed or nearly removed from modern motor oils, thanks to emissions requirements. (Diesel Shell Rotella "T" oil is supposed to be pretty good for older cars, by the way... )

And the "gas" we buy is really gasahol - with 5-10 percent ethanol. This brew can cause many problems in older engines not designed for alcohol-laced fuels, from rough running to serious damage from corrosion of carburetor components to deterioration of seals and gaskets.

Thanks, Uncle Sam!