Is a compact pick-up with a diesel engine.

In the '70s and '80s, you could buy a little truck with a diesel engine that got 40-plus MPGs and would last for 20 years. Yeah, they were slow. So is my gas-powered Nissan Frontier - and while it's a great little truck, the best it can do, mileage-wise, is about 27 on the highway. And though it's still running well with appx. 121k on the clock, I am realistic about it and know it's not going to make it to 300k without a rebuild or major work. But a diesel could get there, no worries.

In my opinion, the near-absence of compact pick-ups (only Ford still sells one) and the total absence of a diesel-powered compact pick-up is a huge, unexploited potential market niche.

Maybe someone out there's listening....