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Thread: KC police fire at backfiring van

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    KC police fire at backfiring van

    KC police fire at backfiring van

    Two Kansas City police officers who thought they were being shot at from inside a van returned fire Thursday night.
    Only later did police realize that the van was actually backfiring and the man inside was not armed. He was not injured by the shots fired by police.
    Windows of the police car were apparently shot out by the officers as they exited the patrol car.
    The officers were dispatched on a report of shots being fired from a white van just before 6 p.m. Thursday on Gregory Boulevard near Interstate 435.
    When the officers got to the area they saw a white van parked on Gregory and pulled up near it. As they were getting out of the patrol car they heard the backfiring and fired their weapons. Police are continuing to investigate the incident.

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    Just another example of our Gestapo / Stasi / Fascist polize that are now imposing pseudo martial law on everyday citizens.

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