Little things can be the most aggravating...

About a week ago, the wife hit a deer with our '98 Nissan Frontier. It caved the bumper in and crimped up the driver's side fender but no real harm done. But the cave-in did puncture the windshield washer fluid jug - and the motor for the pump crapped out before that - so I decided to pull the SOB out and see whether I could get away with RTV'ing the plastic washer fluid jug and while I was there pull the dead pump motor, and pop in a new one once I found out whether the jug was fixable or needed to be replaced.

Well, I had to damn near disassemble the front end to get at the jug. Oh, I could get at the bolts that held it to the radiator support, but no way was it coming out without first removing:

The entire grille assembly and parking lights;
The filler panel below that;
the driver's side headlight.

Lots of hard to reach 10 mm nuts and fragile, gonna break 'em plastic snaps (hello, Mr. Nissan parts counter).

Took me an angry hour or wrestling with the above to get the stupid jug out.

It is now sitting on my work bench with JB Weld on the hole. Tomorrow I'll fill it up w/water and see whether it holds.

I still have to go to the parts place to get a new washer fluid motor. I bet that little bastard costs $70.....