"Restored to factory" - but even a cursory glance shows numerous deviations from stock. Check this one out:


Now, it's a nice car; the paint and other work appear to be top drawer. But I own one of these cars myself and I'm something of an expert on '70s-era Trans-Ams... and I can tell you that:

* Engine color is wrong; '76 455 (and 400) V-8s were painted a dark metallic blue. The aqua color shown was used on earlier cars.

* That car did not come with headers or duals from the factory. Stock is cast iron doglegs with single pipe from the converter back to a transverse muffler mounted behind the rear axle.

* Master cylinder and proportioning valve are aftermarket replacements and not correct for the year.

* Tachometer is later style; factory is 8,000 RPM unit.
I wonder what else isn't right!