Anybody remember the GATR? It was a series of big truck racing set up similar to NASCAR back in the 1980's. It started out with Smokey and the Bandit II and progressed through big tracks like Pocono and Atlanta before moving to dirt tracks, ending in 1992.

The trucks were big, and at first many of them were actual money-making trucks straight off of the road. But as the series progressed the trucks became smaller lighter shadows of their former selves.

I used to attend the races at Pocono, it was quite a show, better than any racing there today.

Stumbled across this Facebook photo set this morning while Googling the series.

A few videos still exist, including a telecast from the 1980 race at Atlanta.

Crash at Dover

Bob Bolus wrecks at Pocono

Telecast from Atlanta, not the most engaging video, but some parts are interesting. Skip to 4:40 to see the race start.

Part 2

Part 3 Hippie at 5:45

Part 4