by Michael S. Rozeff

A polite post came in asking me to be patient with Palin because she is developing gravitas and is speaking some nice words against the Fed. Sorry, Iím not buying. I donít trust her at all. I think her heartís in a very different place than in a burning desire for liberty, peace, and justice.

Being a panarchist, I donít want any candidates, so itís pointless for me to be patient. It conflicts with my goal, which is to see the federal governmentís programs become voluntary for those who want them and let those who donít go their way, while remaining located where they are. All candidates intend to perpetuate the territorial monopoly of the state in which everyone is treated as under that state, whether they sign on to it or not. Itís pointless for me to compromise this ideal. That would cloud the message, which only a handful of people even comprehend at present. This is why I do not often comment on the national scene. I could comment a great deal, but I donít. I threw that on there today only because she is making favorable news and stands a chance, while I see her as a phony and an extremely dangerous person, just as dangerous as Bush and Obama.

Those ordinary folks who counsel working within the system are not radical enough either. They do not recognize usurpation and treason when they see it. The subversion of the Constitution, if one believes in it, is so enormous and flagrant that a politician can engage in treason merely by donning a suit and mumbling almost anything. Most all of them fail to live up to their oaths, so that, even if I thought national politics were worth anything, Iíd still be saying that they are all traitors. But I also consider these spotlighted candidates as ideationally and creatively stupid, bumbling, empty-headed, uneducated, immature, fools who are filled with wrongheaded ideas that they have picked up haphazardly from their poor educations, the inept press, and other such sources that fill the air. I think they are clever, though. They are clever enough and intelligent enough and articulate enough and usually good-looking enough to feign the qualities that statesmanship actually demands. They know how to manipulate, get ahead, connive, and propagandize.