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Thread: A good set of tire chains

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    A good set of tire chains

    What should I look for when purchasing tire chains?

    Looks like there are so many on the market and all different prices.

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    Chains are a pain to install and remove, and they'll damage the tires if you don't remove them as soon as you see bare pavement.

    Instead of chains, I carried a knife and a few feet of 1/4" rope or plastic tubing. Weighs next to nothing, won't cut a tire, easy to install if you can tie a decent knot, easier to remove (with the knife), doesn't make a rusty mess in the trunk, cheap, and effective enough.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dom View Post
    What should I look for when purchasing tire chains?

    Looks like there are so many on the market and all different prices.
    I've never used them - and I think in some states they're illegal, too. Check before you proceed!

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    Some vehicles don't have the clearance needed in the wheel-wells to run traditional "chains". So you have to use the steel-cable style instead.

    Check your owner's manual for recommendations and instructions on which wheel(s) to put them on.

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    I usually just run studded tires myself. They work better in some cases than chains. You need to check your states laws on studs though. Indiana allows studded tires from November 1st through April or May 1st. You have to have the tires studded before they get used so the studs will go into the holes. That's what those little bitty holes in tread blocks are for. Not all tires can be studded though.
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