If we were sane, immigration policy would be based on allowing people into the country whose presence will be a net plus. This is how it once was. Immigrants had to demonstrate some capacity for self-sufficiency - whether it was money/assets or viable job skills.

Now we're importing Somalians with 67 IQs, a barbaric stone age culcha and a hatred of the West.

I doubt 2 out of ten Americans approve of this - but of course we're not consulted.

Flooding the country with Somalis and other Turd Worlders increases "diversity" (division, conflict) which is a boon for scumbag politicians. It also creates a new client class of foo' stamp and heaf-cayhuh dependents.

And of course it helps tamp down the cost of labor and increases the power/profits of corporate America.

So, from that point of view, the more 67 IQ violent Somalis the better!