As we and many others mentioned at the onset of the recent TSA policy changes regarding security at airports, similar measures would soon be introduced at other public venues.

The Transportation Administration has now begun deploying temporary, rapid response checkpoints at bus stations in Tampa. Dubbed VIPER for Visual Intermodal Protection and Response, the checkpoints are designed to be put into place in the event a terror or other threat arises in the future.

But, that hasn’t stopped TSA/DHS from deploying the new security measures right now - even with no credible threats:

From Ethan Huff:

In other words, there really is no legitimate — or legal — reason for TSA agents be frisking passengers at bus stops, but as long as the cited reasons include “security”, the public is simply supposed to accept the unwarranted checkpoints as a necessary evil for the sake of improved safety.

“What we’re looking for are threats to national security as well as immigration law violators,” explained Steve McDonald from the U.S. Border Patrol, also trying to legitimize the efforts to the public.

ABC News Report:

According to federal security director Gary Milano of TSA, the TSA wants to, “sort of invent the wheel in advance, in case … there ever is specific intelligence requiring us to be here. This way, us and our partners are ready to move in at a moment’s notice.”

Federal agencies and local police are “teaming up to keep your family safe,” if the ABC news anchor is to be believed.

Keeping us safe, at what expense?

Last month it was airports. This month bus stops. Soon it will be trains.

Perhaps by next year’s Black Friday Running of the Bulls we’ll have scanners and pat downs in malls across the country. And just to be sure that today’s teens, tweens and elementary kids don’t confuse the security of backscatter machines and pat downs with 4th amendment violations, we wouldn’t be surprised to see checkpoints permanently deployed at public schools across the nation.

All it will take is a single “threat” and you can be assured that the Gary Milanos of the world will be ready to move at a moment’s notice.

Where does exchanging our freedom for security and safety stop?

As Simon Black recently pointed out, the airports were just the tip of the spear:

To be clear, some of the tactics are designed to be scaled back as concessions. It’s like turning up the volume from 0 to 10… everyone starts screaming that it’s too loud, so the government turns it down to 8. People think, “ah, that’s not as bad…” and eventually become accustomed to the noise.

In time, the government turns it up from 8 to 20. People pour into the streets again, protesting until the government turns it down from 20 to 15. People once again become accustomed to the noise as the new normal.

As the cycle escalates the sheeple adjust to the loud music, forgetting what it was like when there was silence.