I started to post this in the Maggot area but that would be an insult to the maggots. I have no sympathy for a hacker who posts property of another entity for profit and when he is taken to task, his supporters wage cyberwar on anyone who doesn't want to get involved.

I think the two sex charges are a bit of a stretch but posting stuff online that was never released to the public, i.e. proprietary information, is just wrong. Yes, we have freedom of speech on this country. There are limits. Back in the late 1800's limits were placed by the Supreme Court. In other words, yelling fire in a crowded theater is not protected speech. Put private information that may get someone killed rates along with that.

The guy who gave the cybermaggot the information is now looking at 52 years in prison. Yet Wikileaks wants to keep getting money for possesion of stolen property.