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Thread: Signs your transmission is going.

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    Exclamation Signs your transmission is going.

    What are some common signs your transmission is about to break?

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    Quote Originally Posted by dom View Post
    What are some common signs your transmission is about to break?
    Depends which part of the transmission, Dom.

    Gearbox - Jumps out of gear when driving, usually when increasing load. Grinding or rumbling noises when a bearing is failing. Inability or difficuly in selecting a gear when the selector forks are worn. General noise emanating from the gearbox area.

    Clutch - Usually slipping when the pressure plates/friction plates are losing their grip. Slip level increases with load. Rattle from a worn, bearing type, pressure release bearing.

    Propshaft/driveshaft, usually vibration when the universal joints are starting to fail, rattling, machinegun like rattle, mainly on turns, when the Constant Velocity Joints (CVJs) are on their way out.

    Differential, usually a loud whine, varying with load, when the worm/bevel gear/associated bearings are worn.

    Just a few for starters, Dom

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