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Thread: The Red pill vs. the Blue pill....

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    The Red pill vs. the Blue pill....


    One of my favorite movies is the Matrix. I remember when it came out over 11-years ago, my best friend went to go see it. He called me immediately afterward and said, “I just saw the Matrix. You need to stop whatever you’re doing and come see this movie with me right now.”

    Sure enough, the movie was spectacular… and if you haven’t seen it, you should check it out. The action sequences and special effects were mind-blowing for that era of filmmaking, but what really made this movie timelessly brilliant was its philosophy.

    In the movie, the main character ‘Neo’ recognizes that the world he’s living in is based on lies and misdirection. He know’s that something is wrong, but he’s not exactly sure what, or why.

    Neo is given a choice. On one hand, he can find out the truth, nomatter how ugly it may be– this is represented by a red pill. On the other hand, he can go back to blissful ignorance, which is represented by a blue pill.

    He chooses the red pill… and the true nature of the real world isn’t like anything he had imagined.

    Seeking out the truth is a scary proposition for most people; finding out that many of our core institutions and beliefs are built on a mountain of lies is unsettling, and it goes against basic human instincts like acceptance and security.

    Choosing to ignore the truth, however, is like going up against a force of nature. You might be able to sustain a city under sea level or at the foot of a rumbling volcano for a while… but at some point, mother nature is going to wash everything away with one awesome display of power.

    Similarly, the truth can kept at bay for a very long time. Politicians and institutions can pass off their lies and corruption as reality for decades, centuries if necessary. But like a great storm, the truth will eventually surface and wash away their fraud.

    People who maintain an open mind and choose to seek out the truth early can get ahead of the storm. People who refuse to acknowledge the obvious facts around them will get caught up in the tidal wave.

    I say ‘obvious facts’ because there are so many clear signs that our political establishment and financial system are based on fraud… from the ponzi scheme debt levels of western governments to their farcical elections to the mindless distractions that continually dribble out of the mainstream media.

    Many people are waking up to this reality every day, but so many more refuse to see the truth; they’d rather carry on in their blissfully ignorant world instead of prepare to survive and thrive in a bold new future.

    I’ve run into this myself many, many times… and I’ll bet you have too; talking to friends and family about the important issues that will change our future can be like talking to a potted plant.

    My friend Porter Stansberry has spent a lot of time and energy putting together a comprehensive video that really spells out the truth in its simplest terms– that the western world is in massive decline, and that the consequences of being unprepared are drastic.

    Hell, I’d say Porter breaks it down like baby food, and I think it’s the perfect video for anyone looking for a very well-grounded analysis of the economic problems facing the world.

    The video is long– about an hour– and it’s controversial. But I encourage you to check it out. Click here to see it:

    More importantly, I encourage you to forward this email to your friends and family in the hopes that they too might watch the video and see the truth for themselves. Besides, it just might make those upcoming holiday dinner discussions a bit more interesting…

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    Another great movie

    The Matrix was a great movie... my second favorite dystopian film. My favorite is 'Brazil' (1985) by Terry Gilliam. It's a sci-fi dark comedy with an amazing knack for predicting society's impending psychosis.

    The Stansberry video referenced in the first post doesn't have play, pause or chapter controls which would help those of us that must multi-task.


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    I listened to Stansberry. It's sorta lengthly, and has a definite sales pitch feeling.

    Overall I agree with him. With the "quanatative easing" (which is really just printing money), the state's debt, unfunded federal pensions, guarantees of toxic Freddie / Fannie loans, health care... well they're going to have to print a LOT more money.

    But there is more. Larger scams:

    Since 1960 the US congress has spent all the money that was supposed to go into the Social Security "Trust Fund". That money was replaced with T-bills. Now our government is redeeming the T-bills. The Treasury just prints money in exchange, to retire the T-Bill. More creating money out of thin air.

    GAO estimates unfunded federal entitlement liabilities at $53 trillion

    In a speech to the National Press Club, Comptroller General David Walker noted the release of the 2007 Financial Report of the United States Government and described the estimate that the "federal government's total liabilities and unfunded commitments for future benefits payments promised under the current Social Security and Medicare programs are now estimated at $53 trillion, in current dollar terms, up from about $20 trillion in 2000." This "translates into a de facto mortgage of about $455,000 for every American household and there's no house to back this mortgage," Walker said. The Medicare program represents $34 trillion of the "fiscal gap," with the prescription drug benefit along equaling about $8 trillion of the $34 trillion Medicare total. "Generations of Americans will be paying the price—with compound interest—for this new entitlement benefit," Walker noted. "In other words," Walker said, "our government has made a whole lot of promises that, in the long run, it cannot possibly keep without huge tax increases."
    Understand that unfunded mandates imply that the money will come from current revenue (taxes) - pay as you go. But since tax revenues are down 20% - because of the recession - there is no money!

    Therefore the Fed will have to print even more money, which in turn will drive down the value of the dollar even more.

    You can see how this is a 'hammer down' cycle - sorta like a stock price that get's hammered down when the margin calls come, and investors are forced to sell, which devalues the stock even more, which triggers another round of margin calls.

    Same for the value of our currency.

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    I expect there to be significant price upticks, very possibly hyperinflation - which I think will be inescapable if the Chinese and other players refuse to accept US Dollahs and the Dollah is no longer the world's reserve currency.

    I also think it's smart to be prepared to be able to stay home, if necessary, for 4-6 months. That means enough food and other essentials to last you/your family that long.

    I'm also giving serious thought (even though I have the above "covered") to a last-ditch escape plan if a scenario develops where the asshole government tries to force us into FEMA camps (or whatever) in the event of a major economic collapse and social unrest - even if you are perfectly able to take care of/feed yourself, etc.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eric View Post

    I'm also giving serious thought (even though I have the above "covered") to a last-ditch escape plan if a scenario develops where the asshole government tries to force us into FEMA camps (or whatever) in the event of a major economic collapse and social unrest - even if you are perfectly able to take care of/feed yourself, etc.
    Wut dood?

    I enjoy tagging along with the doomsday scenario just as much as the next guy, but WHAT?

    "Tutto nello Stato, niente al di fuori dello Stato, nulla contro lo Stato "
    All within the state, nothing outside the state, nothing against the state.

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