Just got back from my daily trip down the mountain, into Roanoke. I encountered four Clovers:

First Clover was shortly after leaving my house. After turning onto the main drag into Roanoke (a rural highway with a posted limit of 55 and average road speeds around 65) I found myself the number three car behind two others and a Clover in the lead. (Like in Dom's picture.) The Clover was doing maybe 50. Since the two cars ahead showed no initiative (even though they clearly wanted to get by the Clover, too) I punched it and my EcoBoosted Flex press car made short work of the Clover.

Second Clover was up ahead about 5 miles, just as I began going down the mountain. This Clover just had to pull in front of me from a side road instead of waiting until after I passed. I don't mind that he pulled in front of me. What makes him a Clover is that he rushed to pull in front of me - and then slowed down to less than the posted limit. Ecoboost to the rescue and bye-bye Clover!

Third and fourth Clovers were on I-581, the Roanoke "Beltway." Each one clogging the far left (passing) lane going 5-10 MPH slower than everyone else. Luckily, Roanoke is not very crowded and it's easy to pass these Covers on the right - which is just what I did.

Sayonara, Clovers!