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Thread: Yesterday's Clover

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    Yesterday's Clover

    We got another 5-6 inches of snow over the weekend. Sunday morning, with snow still coming down, I decided to make a quick run down the mountain to the gym - figuring that it was Sunday, it was snowing and it was 7 in the morning - so I should have the roads to myself. Or, as we say, Clover Free.

    Well, almost.

    Just as I was descending the mountain (in a 4WD pick-up, FYI) I came upon a Clover. It was a chick in a car only the foolish, brave or seriously skilled would even think about taking out in the middle of a country blizzard: a recent issue Malibu sedan. Front-wheel-drive, shitty (for snow) tires and insufficient (for unplowed snow) ground clearance. In this Clovermobile, the chick was attempting to make her way down Bent Mountain - an extra treacherous snaky road with a 6 percent grade and sheer drops to your death if you slide off the shoulder. The She-Clover is gimping along at about 5 MPH - to her credit, because any faster and she'd probably have slept with the fishes. But why was she out in this kind of weather, in that kind of car, on that kind of road?

    Because she's a Clover!

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    Long live the Clovers!

    Snapped a few more photos this morning.

    I'll spend some time uploading them tonight.

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