I could not believe my ears when I heard an American Family Insurance ad. It spoke about "in car camera."

To quote their web site:

The Teen Safe Driver SM Program uses innovative technology and parent feedback to help teens become safer drivers. As a result, the program can help dramatically reduce risky teen driving behavior. And the best part is itís absolutely free for automobile insurance customers of American Family Insurance!

On average the Teen Safe Driver SM Program reduces risky driver behavior by 70% according to an independent review by the University of Iowa.
Hereís how it works:

  • A small audio/video recording device installed behind the rearview mirror of the car driven by your teen.
  • When triggered by erratic vehicle movements, such as extreme braking, acceleration, cornering or a collision, the device provides a video clip of what occurred the 10 seconds before and after the event.
  • The recorded event is sent wirelessly to analysts, where it is reviewed and scored and coaching tips are offered.
  • Each week parents and teens are encouraged to review and discuss the results, which they access through a secure Website.