While going to the supermarket on the way home from work, I discovered another species of clover. This particularly irritating clover can be found in parking lots. The clover may be inside a 4 door sedan, a minivan or an SUV, although they come in many shapes and sizes. It is characterised by consistent refusal to move the transmission from park or neutral to reverse and back the hell out of the parking space. You can observe the parking lot clover first loading his or her bags into the car and then getting into the car. The clover may take a while to get in, but not nearly as long as it takes him to put the key into the ignition and start the car. While the car is running, he may stay for another minute. Another corolarry of this is a clover who drives exactly 5 ph through the parking lot, stopping at every misplaced parking lot stop sign.This clover is responsible for many types of parking lot accidents that involve people who can't take it anymore.